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    Beautiful loft space with a big window and a Roman bath.
    Beautiful loft space with a big window and a Roman bath.

    Our Story

    It’s about outcomes.

    It’s about outcomes.

    All you need to do, and all you need to do it.

    No fillers. No fluff. No unnecessary steps. No green-washing. No clean-washing. No fear-mongering. No sugar-coating. No magic. No miracles.

    Products that actually work. Routines you can actually manage. Promises you can actually believe.

    The stuff that actually matters.

    It’s about focus.

    It’s about focus.

    Efficiency. Not just performance. True productivity.

    Foundational products, optimized. Fundamental routines, refined.

    The science of self-care, simplified and streamlined.

    Everything engineered with your time and wellbeing in mind.

    Because the stuff you put on you, the stuff you put in you, and the stuff you surround yourself with?

    That stuff should work for you. Decisively.

    It’s about time.

    It’s about time.

    Regardless of how much you have to spare. Take some. Make some if you have to.

    Then spend it on yourself - but wisely.

    You’ve earned it, so make the most of it.

    Because no matter how small or inconsequential the moment might seem, simple acts of self-care can have an outsized impact on your wellbeing.

    On your health, your mood and your outlook. Your focus. Your relationships. Your confidence and productivity.

    It’s about balance.

    It’s about balance.

    It doesn’t need to be difficult. You don’t need to eat and train like an Olympian. You don’t need a sleep coach or a 30-minute skincare routine.

    You don’t need any of that. It can be simplified.

    You can focus on the fundamentals. Not just learning them - mastering them.

    Turning them into ritual. Trusting that process. Discovering the interconnectedness of it all.

    It’s about perspective.

    It’s about perspective.

    There’s something to be said about even the most basic routines and rituals. Grounding habits you can lean on for control.

    Maybe it’s exercise. Maybe it’s nutrition. Maybe it’s sleep hygiene. Maybe it’s skin health or haircare. And, maybe it doesn’t end there.

    Maybe it’s anything that makes you feel good. Good habits. Good environments. Good times. Good people. A good laugh or a good talk. Good music. Good weather.

    Hell, even a good meal with a good bottle of wine.

    It’s about you.

    It’s about you.

    Your time. Your energy. Your health.

    You. Taking care of yourself. Caring for yourself. Caring about yourself.

    That’s self-care.

    It’s a never-ending DIY project with an infinite number of tools.

    You choose which ones to use.

      Four Basic Maintenance product bottles arranged on the floor between the shadows cast by a window.
      Four Basic Maintenance product bottles arranged on the floor between the shadows cast by a window.

      The basics, but better.

      Foundational products engineered for performance.

      Only productive ingredients.

      Unadulterated formulas optimized for efficiency.

      Wholly holistic systems.

      Cross-functional solutions with compounding benefits.

      Complete accountability.

      Science conducted with a conscience.